Otvorená pracovná pozícia v STORYOUS

Front-end developer

Typ uväzku
Rohanské nábř. 25, 186 00 Karlín, Česko

We are looking for a capable and clever front-end developer who will take care of creating and designing new features, manage our internal system and push our IS to another level.

Psst...We are working on something unique
Psst...We are working on something unique

What are you going to do?

  • Create and improve our internal system

  • Design our internal system

  • Improve and debug or develop brand new features

  • Set standards, implement new processes and help other developers grow by sharing your know-how

What should you know?

  • Have solid experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Node.js is a plus

  • Know your way around Vue.js

  • Analytical thinking

  • Know the templating system Latte

  • Be interested in UX

  • Be a down to earth and team-oriented person

  • Open minded but also thorough

  • Play foosball

What you're getting in return 

  • Storyous events - we organize DEV conferences and hackathons, have great parties after our All Hands meetings, are going to play beach volleyball in the summer, BBQ parties, and more. We're also open to you coming up with a new event if you wish!
  • We've got food - We are all about food and drinks so once you join us, you are going to enjoy delicious coffee, cakes, fruit and all the good stuff on the kitchen table in our offices
  • Storyousmobile tariff - Company tariff plan for free goes without saying
  • Storyousteam - We are a bunch of easy going people, and yes, we do know that everybody says that too. Feel free to stalk us at @storyous Instagram and see for yourself
  • Multisport card - A really nice perk to get yourself moving! Sound in body, sound in mind, they say
  • Self growth - Ok, we know that everybody says that, but we mean it! We organize workshops on various topics regularly and you can take part in those either as a student or even as a lecturer. There is an office library to inspire you with books both in Czech and English. And of course, you can work on your language skills with us during regular language courses

Join us and we guarantee you won't be bored!