Otvorená pracovná pozícia v Rockaway Capital


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Na Hřebenech II 1718/8, 140 00 Praha 4-Nusle, Česko

We are looking for a Linux Administrator for Rockaway Blockchain Fund – Venture Capital firm focused on the blockchain industry. The position will take full responsibility for managing staking server infrastructure of the company (we run blockchain nodes).


- Linux Administration (primary):

o Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks on Linux systems.

o Improve security of the staking infrastructure (hot wallets).

o Design and build high-availability clusters.

o Improve monitoring to support 24/7 operations (we use Collecd, InfluxDB, Grafana).

- Thought leadership:

o Periodically write articles and knowledge nuggets on findings identified while designing, building and running the blockchain infrastructure.

o Help build internal knowledge database.

o Be recognized as a “thought leader” in the crypto space.

- Network and PR:

o Establish and nurture network of technical experts and subject matter experts associated with the blockchain projects (Solana, Terra, etc.).


- IT background, degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

- Experience in designing, building and supporting 24/7 operations in enterprise environment.

- Autonomous in taking ownership and at the same time team player.

- Entrepreneurship and drive (curiosity-driven, not searching for easy way out).

- Ability to structure, analyze and synthesize complex problems.

- Proficiency in writing of technical articles.

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