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DevOps Lead

Work schedule
Rohanské nábř. 29, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Česko

Hi! We are ShipMonk, and we provide logistics services in order fulfillment. Our main business is in the USA, but our modern platform is built by the Research & Development team based in Prague, Czechia and some other remote locations. We are looking for an awesome leader of our platform team that is passionate about building, delivering and maintaining of our infrastructure and developers platform.  

About us:

  • We process up to 100,000 orders per day in high season
  • Our book of business has more than 1500 clients (fast growing direct-to-consumer brands). We offer the ShipMonk platform as the solution for the whole process. It covers everything from stocking the items to shipping the ready packages to all corners of the world.

What will you be doing with us?

  • Your team will own and deliver amazing developers experience. You need to work closely with our engineering and quality assurance team to understand their needs and build for them effective and reliable platform for development, integration, testing and deployment.
  • Your team owns our infrastructure - site reliability and cost effectives are your key goals.
  • You continuously evaluate business needs and latest technical trends to propose short and long term improvements to our infrastructure stack.
  • You are a member of R&D leadership team and participate in discussions about overall strategy.

Our Tech stack:

  • AWS, Datadog, Sentry
  • Infrastructure fully managed by Terraform
  • Apps deploying to EKS clusters using ArgoCD
  • Gitlab CI with k8s runners
  • Full prod/dev/local dockerization
  • Bare-metal server management using Proxmox and Ansible
  • Automation using Golang
  • Aurora MySQL and PostgreSQL DB stack
  • Keboola, Snowflake for data warehousing

What do we expect from you?

  • 3+ years of practical experience managing larger infrastructure deployments on one of the public clouds using latest technologies.
  • 2+ years experience of managing team up to 5 people
  • Strong sense of ownership - ability to own and drive infrastructure and platform domain.
  • Interest in the business and ability to align your domains with business objectives.
  • Analytical mind - ability to analyze problems and solutions.

What have we been working on with the team?

  • HA monolith deployment with 100+ consumers and 130+ crons, deploying every commit from monorepo using ArgoCD
  • Robust CI stack with 3000+ job runs per day. Utilizing smart pre-scaling and filler pods to achieve lighting fast job schedule in our cluster
  • Each MR can be deployed on a separate cluster for one-button testing in the CI. We are creating and destroying dozens of isolated fullstack apps with its own DB, Redis and RabbitMQ resources. We have to manage performance of such concurrent load, cleanup and cost
  • We think about concurrence and design the application to withstand race conditions, which is not exceptional in a warehouse environment.
  • We are consolidating complicated Bash scripts into simple Golang scripts that can easily be linted and tested
  • The application is supported by DataDog, Sentry and Opsgenie. Monitoring every bit of our infrastructure with multi tiered support
  • Our database has grown to terabyte size, so monitoring DB instance health is our daily bread
  • Event driven autoscaling of rabbitmq consumers based on number of messages in the queues
  • Support the development of 7 teams and make their life easier and their apps in production stable and reliable while pushing our platform stack forward
  • Help manage servers in multiple Warehouse locations interconnected into single virtual network supporting our business operations
  • Both our AWS infrastructure and Datadog are managed by Terraform
  • Our development team head count doubled in the last two years bringing new challenges how to manage our platform

If you like our story, we look forward to hearing your resume, profile, story, whatever. There are no limits to creativity. Our Recruiter Veronika will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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