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Data Engineer

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Panská 2, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město, Czechia

We are looking for a Data Engineer to strengthen our data team. You will make sure everyone has the data they need so we can continue to grow.

Join us to make product that matters!

We started productboard because we’re inspired by the product leaders who have a clear vision and see it all the way through to the delight of their customers. But not everyone has the tools they need to make their vision a reality. That’s why we took up the ambitious goal to reimagine the way great products are built. Our team of creators, tinkerers, and hackers have created a product management system that lets companies build the right products, faster.

We’ve had a tremendous amount of success, and our over 1,800 customers love using our product. But we’re only just getting started, and we’re getting ready for what’s coming next. That’s why we’re looking for a Data Engineer who would closely work with our Sales & Product teams to make sure they have the data they need so we can continue to grow, delight more and more customers and drive innovation across the industry.

Who we are looking for

Somebody who likes to tinker with data. Somebody who considers SQL to be their second language and are not afraid Python, Ruby or R. Somebody who is excited about building data pipelines and making sure everybody has access to the data they need.

Our stack is built on Snowflake, Segment and Keboola, although we expect that it will evolve a lot over time. We are using GoodData to build dashboards for customer success and marketing. We are measuring engagement in the product (DAU/MAU, L7&L28, network effect analysis) and segmenting customers according to adoption. We are just about to build new infrastructure to enable our new sales model that heavily relies on automation and data.

This is an amazing opportunity for someone who would like to influence the whole analytics and tooling strategy. You will have a chance to deep dive into SaaS business and get to know how it is measured. We are a team where you won’t have to persuade anyone to make decisions based on data.

You are our person if you have:

  • Excellent level of SQL, knowledge of Python or R is a plus
  • Experience with databases and data warehouses
  • Understanding of APIs and experience with parsing JSON data
  • Knowledge of BI and ETL tools is a plus
  • Advanced communication skills and experience with working with various team
  • Willingness to learn new systems and continuously develop yourself
  • You think about problems in a complex way and you enjoy challenging others’ ideas

What we offer

  • Competitive compensation package, including stock options
  • New MacBook Pro (or another notebook of your choice) + 34″ monitor
  • Budget for books, online courses and conferences
  • Unlimited supply of Mate Mate and coffee
  • Budget for Uber when staying late in the office
  • MultiSport card for working out
  • Yummy catered lunches and monthly company brunches
  • Five weeks of vacation

Tools and technologies we love

Elastic, Ruby, Rails, Python, Cypress.io, Redis, Heroku, AWS, CircleCI, TDD in bash, Keboola, GoodData, Intercom, Slack, productboard, Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform.

          Hubert Palán


          Founder & CEO
Hubert Palán
Founder & CEO

          Winston Christie-Blick


          Product Marketer
Winston Christie-Blick
Product Marketer


How we work

We work in small cross-functional teams that usually consist of three developers, a designer, and a product manager. The teams work closely together towards a specific goal related to making our customers even more awesome.

As a developer you will be part of the whole feature development lifecycle, starting with the discussion on where to focus our efforts and why. You will see all the feedback we collected from our customers linked in this cool tool called productboard 😉, and you will be encouraged to come up with ideas/objections.

Before we build well architected, scalable, and production ready features, we like to test our assumptions first. (Our time is valuable! Why risk building the wrong thing?) You will support our product discovery efforts by quickly hacking together prototypes that can be validated with our customers. After evaluating the results, we’ll select the best design/architecture to use moving forwards.

When we build features, we like to pair on complex problems, conduct detailed code reviews and deploy small changes daily. When you ship your feature to production, you’ll get to communicate the update to the users who requested and bask in all the joy and praise that comes from delivering awesome functionality to passionate users. This is especially rewarding since our customers are among the brightest product minds in the industry.


What we do beyond shipping features

We take pride in our craft, and we are constantly trying to improve our skills and tooling. We organize internal tech talks, code retreats, and hackathons. We also like to share our experiences with others on various meetups and conferences.

We suck at open source, but we would like to get better, so we started hosting open source hackathons where we order beer and pizza and pair program on fixing bugs from our favorite open source projects (React.js usually 🤓).

But writing code is not the only thing we do. We are social creatures. We like to hang out and discuss things beyond 0s and 1s. We have regular team breakfasts and dinners, but also like to get out of Prague from time to time, so we organize team offsites – both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

After work, we continually find ourselves at nearby Vinograf, Meat&Greet and a whiskey bar in Jindrisska Tower. Every Tuesday we host a beer evening at our office where we invite our +1s and people outside of the company as well – you are invited too! We usually watch how Playstation downloads another batch of updates, discuss our recent attempts to start running again, and listen to Mike’s fresh new playlist on Spotify. We are fun.

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