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Copywriter + Content Maestro

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Masarykova 410/28, 602 00 Brno-střed-Brno-město, Czechia

You will cooperate with our Marketing, Research & Analysis and Website Development teams. We need you to correct, check and verify that every piece of (English only) published online is 100% grammatically correct. When you proofread some content, we want you to transform it into the most engaging, lively and inspiring text possible. 

What matters to us is finding someone who will not write annoying cliché texts, we expect the exact opposite. We want to publish something distinctive, charming and current. That's the Purple way! If you're wondering if we're in the financial services business, you're goddamn right we are. Meaning you will cooperate and liaise with the Compliance team as well.

Purple Technology
Purple Technology


This position is mainly about proofreading and creating consistent and flawless content for every touchpoint. Sometimes it might be just writing and more writing. But! If you like to create content or have some other experience in marketing, we have plenty of ideas and opportunities for you. If you have something else in your mind, feel free to let us know. However, please keep in mind that we are mainly seeking someone who will perform the Copywriting role and would be more than happy to add their creative flair to it.


  • Correct any grammatical and spelling errors (if you find any in this text, do let us know! :)
  • Fix any style errors and tone issues
  • Fact-check the contents and make sure the materials are revised and approved by the compliance department
  • Support the Marketing and Content creation teams and liaise with external translation agencies
  • Create texts which should be distinctive, fresh and catchy as we have a lot of ideas and topic about which we would like to write
Purple Technology
Purple Technology


  • Is native English or has an excellent command of the English language.
  • Bachelor degree in Human Sciences or Finance (possibly from UK institutions)
  • Someone who comprehends Finance and Economics related topics. In particular, knowledge of investing, derivatives trading and forex trading are very nice-to-have. It will be a massive advantage if the experience within the forex industry and at a high level.
  • Loves playing with words and sentences to make exciting content.
  • Lives in the Czech Republic and is willing to sit with us in our Brno office. Alternatively for someone who is living in Cyprus as we have an office there as well ;)

Purple Technology
Purple Technology


We are a young team with the desire to demonstrate that a Czech company from Brno could find its place in international business and cooperate with the entire world. The finance industry is being innovated in our company. We're putting our effort into changing the status quo and inspiring our competition. People are what matters the most to us and the groundwork of our entrepreneurship, growing profitably. We can work as a team and have much fun during the day, but we also solve problems, work hard and respect each other. We are open to each other and strict working hours are not our style - everyone knows his job and how much time shall be devoted thereto. We prefer a project management style and not the hierarchical one.

Last but not least, our offices in Brno are situated in the city centre, having its a gym, sauna, and much more, prepared just for our employees. If you are from abroad, let's talk about it during the call.

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