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Backend Developer (PHP)

Work schedule
10, Rašínovo nábř. 71, 128 00 Praha 2-Vyšehrad, Česko

We are looking for developers, who love what they do and are not afraid to work and think independently. You will contribute to backend development of our application, that is used by millions people all over the world. Do you like challenge? Let us know. We are a team of young people, who are not afraid to work hard.

We have built GAMEE as a high-engagement mobile gaming platform where players compete in skill-based tournaments to earn prizes for their activity. 40.000.000+ players registered on GAMEE so far and every month, they played over 5.7bn gameplays across more than 100 games.

We have launched cooperations with some of the biggest brands such as NASA, Manchester City or Guinness World Records, with more big names to come.

We are taking blockchain technology to mainstream gaming. We have launched $GMEE utility token to serve as engagement, action and reward currency. We introduced new blockchain gaming app Arc8 allowing players to earn $GMEE tokens and we have released G-Bots - unique collectible, playable and upgradeable game characters - in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). What you earn, you own, so that you can use it, keep it to grow in value, trade it, sell it! Our mission is to recognise and reward gaming skill, effort, and loyalty. A true Play-to-Earn.


Everyone is free to voice their opinion. I’ve never been one to say: ‘I’m in charge here, so this is how it’s going to be.’ Instead, what I try to do is provoke discussion and work out how we can find a way forward together.

Honza Částek, Chief of Product & Co-founder

What do we offer?

  • a space for your talent, a space for your own thinking and influencing the product
  • responsibility, a possibility to learn but don't expect any babysitting
  • working on unique, global product, that has millions of users all over the world
  • international team full of interesting people
  • office in the villa near Náplavka, yes and it is even better than it sounds
  • multisport card, fridge full of food, xbox and so on… but does anyone really still decides according to that?

We are looking for you if:

  • PHP is your passion
  • you are familiar with SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • the principles of REST API are your old friends
  • you know Git
  • you are not afraid to try new things
  • you enjoy your works and what to get even better

What will you do?

  • backend for the e-sports project we are working on, that is also going to use blockchain
  • developing various API for applications (iOS, Android, Web)
  • working on modern code, coved with UNIT tests and PHPStan on the strictest level
  • solving complex challenges and issues
  • no legacy code everybody is afraid to touch

Technologies we currently use:

  • PHP 7.4 (budeme přecházet na 8.0) - unit testy, PHPStan, Swoole pro async věci

  • MySQL 8
  • Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ,
  • Gitlab CI
  • Jira


Here’s a crew of highly capable people here who don’t need anyone to hold their hands.

Michal Dobiáš, Senior PHP developer

Work for GAMEE!

Work on project that is unique and Global media writes about it (Forbes, The Next Web, Business Insider…)

We are waiting for you! Contact us!

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